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Cinnamon Crust

Cinnamon Crust

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Artwork Name:  Cinnamon Crust


Instrument: Piano

Series: Improvisation

Medium: Acrylic on Paper

Details:  Hand signed

Dimensions: 8 x inside a 11x14in  (matt)



These one-of-a-kind, original works on paper were meticulously crafted in 2023. Within this series, Austin unveils his distinctive signature style featuring square-headed musicians. Strikingly absent of facial features, the art comes alive through the dynamic movements of each player, skillfully capturing the essence of the music being played.

Austin employs a masterful use of bold colors and powerful strokes, orchestrating  energetic emotions that resonates across diverse musical genres. To add an extra layer of delight, Austin playfully titles these joyous artworks after popular foods and dishes, infusing a lighthearted and celebratory touch to his creations. Each piece in the "Improvisation" series invites you to revel in the harmony of visual and musical expression, offering a truly unique and vibrant artistic experience.

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